How To Text A Girl You Just Met

Sometimes that very first text after you meet a girl is the hardest one to send. Some guys over think it and take too long to text a girl for the first time. In addition, some guys overdo it, texting way more information than any girl wants to get about you after you first meet.

The secret texting girls is to keep it short and sweet. There are no hard and fast rules about when you can text a girl. Although some guys say you have to wait a day or two after you meet, I disagree one hundred percent. What you have to do is gauge how well your first meeting went and go from there. You might have to be a bit more cautious in what you text if you are uncertain of her feelings toward you and feel that you are still winning her over.

In that case, I would say keep it short and think about a way to compliment her by text that points out why you think she is unique. Learning the skills to text girls is also about learning how to listen to your gut instinct. Deep down we know if a girl is into us or was just being polite. Learn how to tap into that intuition and listen to your heart not your head in this area.

For instance if the two of you hit it off and you know it was a mutual attraction and the excitement was there for both of you, there is nothing saying you should text her immediately. I’m talking about sending a text as you leave the bar (or wherever you met) saying something such as “stoked to have met you. Can’t wait to talk more.”

Rules about when texting girls is to never say you have to play hard to get. If you know she digs you, too, be sure to respond enthusiastically back to her to keep the attraction building. You are not scaring her off by letting her know that you find her attractive. Women like this and really need to hear this more than men do sometimes.

One thing I always tell guys, is to think back and try to remember something that references your time together. For instance, if you guys had a wacky bartender, you could say something such as “Can’t stop thinking about that bartender’s goofy hair.” Or whatever else you can think of mentioning that will bring her back to that moment when you met.

A memorable moment during your meeting is a great idea when you are contemplating how to text a girl you just met. If you think back, you can find something to comment on that will bring a smile to her face. I think if you are honest and aren’t afraid to let the girl know that you like her, find her attractive and look forward to seeing her again, you just can’t lose.