What Is A Good First Text

A well-worded and timed first text is a chance to build great chemistry with a girl. This is why it is important to really think this first message through. More and more flirting happens via texting today. Understanding how to break the ice and build a relationship takes time and thought. The following are some tips for a good first text to send.

Girl Getting First TextReference the Event

If you and a girl met a conference or a friend’s house, it makes sense to reference this event in the text message. For example, a guy can ask the girl if she plans to participate in the next conference and then make a joke about a panel that they both saw or the food. In the event of a shared friend or acquaintance, you could send something about the dinner or party that both people attended. This is a low key way to break the ice.

Send a Joke-Like Text

Humor is a tool that never goes out of style. A joking text can really break the ice and get a conversation moving. This is a chance to build on a joke that two people developed at a party – talking about a girl’s klutziness, mentioning an insane speaker at a conference. One could also send a text about something funny they saw, did or experienced. A joke is a nice way to spark a conversation without seeming too intense or pushy.

Continue Conversations

It is always smart to continue conversation points from the night before. For example, if two people talked about a book or film, it makes sense to mention it again and say that you checked it out. This shows the girl that you have listened to her, taken the time to follow up on her interest and that you are interested. This text could branch out as it proceeds.

Suggestive Text

If it’s clear that two people like each other, a suggestive text could be useful. For example, a guy could say, “It’s too bad you left when you did ____.” This shows the girl that a guy is interested and wants to spend more time with her. Guys need to be careful not to be too forward in these texts. No girls wants to read anything too sexually explicit or forward.

Pose a Question

A question is a great first text because it implies an answer should be sent. There are many different types of questions a man can ask. For example, he could relate the question back to the meeting or event where he met the girl (i.e. “Did you get a chance to talk to the keynote speaker” or “How did the party end up?”). Random or funny questions are a great icebreaker too (i.e. “Would you rather ____” or “Help me decide ____”).

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Random Facts

To establish a fun dynamic, sending random information, stories or popular film quotes is another great first text. These types of messages should be linked to the girl’s interests. If she loves Anchorman, it makes sense to send her a funny quote from the film. If a woman loves basketball, this is a chance to trash talk her team. Paying attention to a woman’s interests is a great way to shape a memorable first text.

Avoid Simple Texts

A good first text is thoughtful. No one wants to receive an emoticon or one or two word text as a first message. Putting some time into this first contact is important. This can set the tone for a conversation and build a guy’s reputation. Girls want to feel like they are worth a guy’s time. This means putting some thought into the words, tone and content of the first text.

Waiting Game

After the first text has been sent, it is now time to wait. No guy should re-send a text or send another one if they do not receive a reply. Part of flirting is waiting for the girl to respond. This could happen immediately, or it could happen hours or even a day later. It’s best to wait this out and not seem too eager. Good flirts let their words do the talking.

Guys who put time and thought into the first text are sure to make a good first impression. This is a chance to get a girl interested and start up a fun flirtation. Referencing past events and jokes is a great icebreaker to get the chemistry where it needs to be. A well-written first text is fun, subtle and really speaks to the interests and personality of the girl. Starting strong is smart when flirting with a new girl.
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