Cute Things To Text A Girl

Men in the dating world can make or break their chances with a girl by what they text to her phone. I know this seems like a lot of emphasis on one simple form of communication, but if you text something that is inappropriate or worse – boring – that girl might just be moving onto greener pastures.

What happens is that men don’t have a clue what a difference learning the right way to text a girl can make. Instead, they talk about their ho hum, annihilating boring day or life. Nobody cares that you just brushed your teeth and are about to watch some television.

What a girl wants to hear is how cool you and your life is. Therefore, if you don’t have anything interesting to say in that area, then you had better learn some things or she is going to fly the coop. If you are a creative person, you could actually talk about brushing your teeth and watching television. How so? In a super interesting way. For instance, you could say something such as, “Got the pearly whites polished, cracked open a Sam Adams and watching the Yankees game. Woot!”

Now that sounds interesting. Even though you are doing something mundane, you make your life seem exciting. Therefore, even if your life is not thrilling, only text about it if you can make it seem that it is. If you aren’t that creative, then I suggest you memorize some examples. It’s okay to have a standard line that works and is used repeatedly, as long as you don’t use it on the same girl again.

Here is a great example. “I like you.” Remember why it works? It is short and sweet. It isn’t saying anything weird or creepy and it isn’t committing yourself to her or making you seem to like her more than she likes you. It is safe and it works. Here are a few other cute things to text a girl: “u looked cute today” or if it is more your style, “u looked hot today.”

You can say something such as “your laugh is contagious” or some other compliment as long as it is genuine and unique to her, not something that you could say about any girl.

I also like to send texts that are also a little more intimate and daring, such as “thinking about that dress on you” or “can’t stop thinking about you in those tight jeans” or “can’t get those stilettos out of my head.”

While these are primarily fun, they also are a terrific way to flirt and spice up the relationship. You are letting her know that you are thinking about her and remembering something about her that is unforgettable. Trust me, a text like that will spice up your next encounter. Women want to feel attractive and want to be told that men find them attractive. A text is a perfect way to do that in a non-creepy, appealing way.